is there gonna be any arasol (or any aradia and sollux interaction at all) :o ?

arasol is <> in this au and they are also in the same camp group! so yes there will be interaction aha

See you next summer art

Sorry but the picture might not have been sent. Is it okay if I put a link?

See you next summer!

As Nepeta shoves the rest of her things into her bag a square object flutters to the ground. As she bends over to pick it up several kids run past, knocking her over. “Ooof!” 

"Sorry. Are you okay?" Rose asks.

She is holding her traveling bag with a sleeping bag attached to the top. Nepeta groans. “Yeah. Purrfectly fine.” 

She sits up and looks at Rose. With a gentle smile Rose helps up the smaller girl. “Sorry again. It was not my intentions to knock you to the ground.”

Nepeta waves her off and grins. With a nod Rose walks off to find her missing friends. Dusting off her clothes Nepeta searches for the thing from earlier. She spots it on the floor, under the bed. This quick hands she snatches it up. She looks at it with wide, excited eyes. A big cat like grin takes over her face and Nepeta finishes packing up to find the Art director.


TG: this shirt itches
TG: bro do I have to go
TG: i learned my lesson please don’t make me go

Dave cosplay for Lexi’s Campskaia au

Bonus TG: what do you mean i cant bring my katana


i swear i didnt just print out the shirt logo and tape it on.. So a Rose cosplay for Lexi’s Campskaia au 

I’m going to cosplay Dave next because i cant stop help

Note: the purple bag is actually my bag ive been working on for a while now! Its not finished, but its Rose Lalonde themed and I love it


((psst i made a color edit of that vriska you did a while ago
i hope i didn&#8217;t get the color streak on the wrong side uwu))


((psst i made a color edit of that vriska you did a while ago

i hope i didn’t get the color streak on the wrong side uwu))

are there any spooky places in camp skaia, such as abandoned mine shafts? anything remotley dangerous, mysterious, yet fun to explore?

probably just the woods on the opposite side of the lake. there are some cool things to find over there that dirk and jake will soon discover

theres also the diving cliffs as well. off limits but some kids like to sneak over to them at night

it seems pretty dead

ive actually been working on the next chapter a bit and drew some stuff today

u know maybe its because ive been busy? wow. and, you know, maybe school has been taking a really big toll on me this year. dang what a thought. and maybe if we add in the part about my worsening anxiety and depression u might understand why updates have been really slow

im trying my hardest, you guys, and i feel really bad that things have been terribly slow, but i do have my own problems to deal with at the moment and getting messages like “when is campskaia updating?” “is this dead?” “it seems pretty dead” make me feel even worse because i know that i havent really been able to work on much

ive said campskaia isnt dead and i have already said why things havent been updating so please stop sending messages about it

is this au dead

no it is not i am sorry!! ive just been really really busy with school and have not had much time to work on it!! D: its not dead i assure you!!!

is anyone gonna frickle in the camp

later on ,’:-)

johns going to be in the nude?

you’ll see


I was wondering if the camp had a nurse or something similar? Because in my experience of camps there's a plethora of bugs to be caught and knees to be skinned. I wondered if maybe Porrim would do it because Maryams are so motherly, but she already has a job, right?

well if you checked the character list you would have seen that ms paint was the camp nurse

porrim is a counselor and supervises the art room

Will Jade have a romantic interest? And is Rosemary a thing that may happen?

um well jadekat is going to be a thing. its more on karkats side tho


thesunmaid’s campskaia au is really super cute so i drew the part where dave messes things up really bad


thesunmaid’s campskaia au is really super cute so i drew the part where dave messes things up really bad

Quick question, how often will you be updating?

whenever i have time, unfortunately :((( i would love to be working on it super often but this school year is really hard and strenuous ; n ;

ive been outlining the upcoming chapters in free periods, and if the schools laptops didnt suck i would totally try to write on them but well, they suck. i have a little of ch 3 done so far, but its not a lot :( man i really want to be working on it but i hardly have time to sleep/eat anymore let alone do my own thing